Aus poind

Immigration to Australia

By chloe.s
  • Gold Rush began

    Gold Rush began
    The Gold Rush was the first major wave of immigrants, mostly to Victoria and NSW. They came to seek their fortune from places such as Germany, China, America, Canada, Poland, United Kingdom.
  • Gold Rush period ended.

    Gold Rush period ended.
    Resulted in Victoria's population growing to six times its original size. NSW almost doubling. The Gold Rush was Australia's first real physical racial discrimination since the Aboriginals.
  • Federation and White Australia Policy

    Federation and White Australia Policy
    Immigrants were only encouraged to come to Australia if they were white, or if nothing else, spoke English. This led other countries around the world thinking Australia a very racist nation.
  • Australia accepted Jews

    Australia accepted Jews
    In Germany at this time, the Holocaust was taking place. Australia took in 5,000 Jewish asylum seekers who were Polish, German and Lithuanian.
  • WWII changing Austrlia's perspectives

    WWII changing Austrlia's perspectives
    During WWII, Australia was bombed and attacked by the Japanese. They began to realise that they were seen as, and were, a weak country, especially after the casualties from the war. Immigration policies began to change after that, and people from other countries were allowed into Australia, which would protect them from suffering to the same extent in the future.
  • 'Populate or Perish'

    'Populate or Perish'
    Arthur Calmey proclaimed that Australia needed to take in immigrants otherwise it would cease to thrive as a nation. This policy was still very racist, proclaiming initially only British, white and/or English speaking people to come.
  • New Wave from Europe

    New Wave from Europe
    Between the late 1950's and early 1960's there began a new wave of immigrants from Europe. These people were Italians, Greeks and Yugoslavians. They may have darker skin and be unskilled, but they were willing to do the jpbs nobody else wanted to do, and usually for lower wages. These people became targets for discrimination.
  • 10 pound Poms

    10 pound Poms
    10 Pound Poms were British people that paid 10 pounds to come to Australia and live. Between 1953-1972 over 1 million British people took this offer, vastly growing Australia's population.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    Saw no immigrants come to Australia. Many were too poor. Australia suffered greatly.
  • Immigration since 1970

    Since the 1970's, Australia has accepted no more than 100,000 immigrants a year. Of those, 70% are skilled, 20% are for family reasons, and 10% are humanitarian.
  • 9 mill. immigrants since today

    9 mill. immigrants since today
  • Pacific Solution

    Pacific Solution
    Between 2001-2007 the Pacific Solution was implemented. This entailed any refugees or asylum seekers be put into detention centres as soon as they arrive. This idea was approved by both political parties when it was first implemented.