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Immigration in Australia

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  • The Fisrt Settlers

    The Fisrt Settlers
    This was the day on which the "First Settlers" arrived in Australia. Later years later this day would be remembered in history as "Australia Day" or (to th native Aboriginals) "Invasion Day"
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    The Australian Gold Rush

    Like in America the Australian Gold Rush attracted various people from many different backgrounds and countries. Such as the Irish, British, Germans and Chinese.
  • Snow Games

    Snow Games
    In Victoria the renouned Snow Games are a direct result of the Australian Gold Rush.
  • Federation and the WAP

    Federation and the WAP
    In this year Australia had become a Federation. They also introduced the White Australia Policy which only allowed pale skinned foreigners to enter the country. They also began the Assimlation process of the Aboriginese.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    This was the beggining of the Great Depression. As a result all immagration in Australia was to cease as the country could barely support the current population the last thing the government wanted was for it to increase.
  • The First Refugee Intake

    The First Refugee Intake
    In this year Australia for the first time in its history accepted an intake of 5000 Jewish, Germans that were being affected by the Senond World War (WWII).
  • The Populate of Perish Policy

    The Populate of Perish Policy
    Unfortunately World War Two was and Australias position in it, resulted in a number of bombings in cities like Sydney and Newcastle. This created a feeling of Xenophobia amungst Australians. In order to counter act this a "Populate or Perish" attitude was adopted in cases of immigration. Despite the sudden wish to populate Australia immigration was still restricted to White Europeans and (first choice) the British, who became known as "Ten Pound Poms".
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    Population Through Immigration

    Over 1 Million "Brits" immigrated to Australia. Soon ,however, the government realised that there would not be enough so the started encouraging Europeans that had become displaced because of the War to migrate to Australia. Italians, Greeks, Maltese, Yugoslavian, Polish and Russian were all the types of people they wanted, as long as they were preferably young and skilled. However, no mixed races were allowed to immigrate (Half European-Half African would not be allowed).
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    The Chance For a New Start

    Over 1 million people immigrated to Australia during this time.
  • Period: to

    The Refugee Change

    In these years there was a drastic shift in the policy as a result of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Where they had significant intakes of non-white refugees.
  • Now

    Now Australia is a common destination for Asylum Seekers and with the increased numbers of people coming to Australia via boat border protection remains a priority for the government. To handle this a policy called the "Pacific Solution" has been put in place to "Stop the Boats".