Immigration and Westward Movement Expansion

  • Immigrating to America

    Hello my name is Ty Shen. I have decided to move out of my country and immigrate to America because I have over-controlling parents that are also very abusive to me. Not only because of the abuse from my parents but because of the flooding’s we have yearly as well.
  • Arrival to my Destination

    I have finally reached my destination, America. Going through legal inspections was very hard because I could not understand there language very well so it was very confusing. Hopefully since I am done with all the trouble of being inspected I can now move on and full-fill my dream.
  • Help Wanted

    Finding a job is very hard because of my race and discrimination. I have started to work in a chicken-plucking factory but have decided that is not what I want to do forever. I got into an argument with the "boss" he had fired me and kicked me out in the street… What am I supposed to do?
  • English??

    It has taken me a while to finally get a hang of speaking English. It is very confusing to learn, some letters will have the same sound or when you read them the sound is either silent or not.... Also, I have just signed up for the railroad job and hoping to get it I can't be on the streets my whole life…
  • Railroad

    I have been working on the railroad for about a month now and liking it, well better than the factory. Working on the railroad is very tiring and hard. We travel non-stop and always on the go. I am now 25 year old and enjoying life much more then when I have lived in China.
  • White Clouds

    I was working on the railroad when all of sudden I see a group of people walking, riding horses, traveling in big white wagons. What was going on? When I had asked one of my fellow workers he had mentioned they are moving west for living there and how the Homestead Act was going to start where each person can get 160 acres free for two years! Should I give up on the railroad and join the villagers or keep my job and live with the lifestyle I am living with now?
  • My Decision

    I have decided to walk West with the other villagers in hope to get their free land! This morning I ran out of the train with only the clothes on my back and my straw hat. I had been longing for this moment since I was young! Now I am going to be able to get my free land, grow my own crops, and live independently. But one problem, how am I supposed to get a horse?
  • Destintation Reached

    It has been a year now and I have gotten my 160 acres of land!! This is the moment I have been waiting for a very long time! I came to America at age 19 and now I am 27 years old but feel even older from everything I had gone through just to get to America. Though this land is not the best but, I still have the land and already started to grow my first crop! All I have to say is that I'm grateful for everything. This has been a great experience. America is really freedom.