Immigration and Westward Expansion

  • The beginning of the immigration

    Hello my name is Agnessa Bock Hart. My reason for moving to america is because i have been commited of a crime for stealing precious items near my country's border. I can be put in jail for a long time or even be killed.
  • Finding Jobs and temporary living space

    I am now in america i have been here for a few days now and i have been kicked oof so many hotels and clubs and places for my Russian accent for no one really liked the russian
  • Desperate measures for survival

    It is now the cold and hard winter for i have now not eaten food for days and i am in the freezing cold with no place to live and for which i have now found a home that seems that no one is in because the lights are off. But right when i entered the house and when the door closed i heard a man asking me "whos there". I have not answered though which the man came by me with a shotgun right in his hand
  • At the edge of town

    I am now at many places and i have been asking many people about land offerings and as soon as i spoke many people have slammed doors in front of my face and have been threatening to kill me for being Russian and after all that i have found a sign near the far edges of this town that said "Racing for land"
  • Life in the west

    I have now been in a small town in the west for about a couple weeks earning small amounts of money like a $1 a fight near some local bars and being a waiter, serving tables at very crazy places but still have found no good job that will earn a little bit more money to earn a living
  • The Day after the race

    It is now the day after the race and i have won some land after the terrible and bloody race that has just occured the other day. But during this race there was a dispute with me and this girl which now i know her name is Hesha, She has been willing to share the land with me to survive the life during the west. Which now i plan to marry Hesha for i have no one to love, except me.
  • A great life in my new home

    It has now been a year now and i have been living a great life with my new former wife, Hersha for we have married during the middle December. Also during the great joy that Hersha had she has told her father which now his father has offered me a job in a mining business which pays about $10 a day which can earn a living for me
  • The mining accident

    It has now been several years after working at my new job in the west and this day the worst thing has happened every for me, There was a mining accident for which during a cave explosion the whole cave shook and started to crumble down and me and 6 other survivors got out the place in time. But Hersha's father was one of the first to face his fate and which Hersha has blamed me for the accident over the news and she pointed a gun in my face and forced me to leave forever
  • My new life

    I have now been surviving over the past years on leftover food and been stealing some leftover by water and pickpocketing people to live for food. It is not much longer till i might get caught by the police.Or live