By s-wilee
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  • Potato Famine

    The Potato Femine ruined all the crops in Ireland.
  • I leave Ireland

    I leave for America to my family after i sell the properties my family owned in Ireland.
  • Ellis Island

    I arrived in America after days on the boat, i didn't have to go through medical and legal exams because i bought a first class ticket.
  • Family reunited

    I meet my family that i haven't seen for a long time, we decided we shall move West and gain our own land. We first have to gather supplies and prepare ourselves.
  • West

    We gather our belongings, bought horses and wagons and began to travel West.
  • Native Americans

    I was scared they would attack me at first, so i showed signs of surrender. They became friendly to me when they saw how scared i was. They spoke English and helped me to find my way to my family.
  • Lost

    Although it was Spring time in America, the snow in the mountains still haven't melt completely. While walking along the road behind my parents, i tripped on a rock and had to rest for a while. I tried yelling for parents but they were already too far ahead! I figured i would catch up with them soon, but i was wrong, there was two roads to choose from and i didn't know which one to take! I took the road to the left and came upon the Native American's tribe.
  • I arrived

    I arrived to the West! The land is rich with soil with tall grass! My family bought all the supplies that we are going to need and live a long, happy life together!
  • I write

    I write to my boyfriend in Ireland after settling down in the West!
  • My Love

    I got a letter from my boyfriend! He got the letters i have wrote to him and promised me he will be coming soon after he sells his properties in Ireland!
  • Waiting

    Years had passed since i came to the West from Ireland, my boyfriend has not replied my letters and i am worried sick about him. Mother and Father has passed away and i am all alone.
  • Restriction

    Congress passed a law restricted immigrants, they banned specific groups and placed taxes on them
  • Gone

    I had found out my boyfriend has been trying to earn money to come to America to meet me, but he got sick and passed away catching a cold. I am now old and all by myself, how can this happen to me?
  • Death

    Ashley Fallon dies of depression and age.