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    Moving West

  • The Day i Came to America

    When I saw the Statue of Liberty I felt freedom for the first time. That freedom did not last long. The people at Angel Island where mean and did not speak my language. My younger sister went in frount of me and did not understad what he was saying to her. He sent her in to Medical Corentin for with the discribtion of Mentaly Retarted.
  • I finally found a Job

    I finally got over my younger sisters absents. I was walking in the streets and had nothing to eat for the past three days. All of my gold coin had been used up on food and shelter. My so called home had been a hotel room that was the size of a closet. I was so excited about my new job. It was at a factor where i made shoes for the wealthy. I kenw i had to save up my money to move esat and get my on land.
  • When I met John.

    I was leaving my work after a very long day, alli wanted to do was lay down. I had to go to one of the many stores in San Fransisco. In the store grabed my bread and went to go pay when i accidently ran in to a young man. He had a Irish acent and it intrest me. He introduced him self to me, He asked me to go on a date with him and I had said I would. It would be nice to have a friend. We went on several dates and he told me that he had moved west, but want to move back east with me and marry me.
  • Our Journey East

    It was a long rainy journey to Washington. John kept me company and I was happy that me and John were going to get married. When we got to Washington immidatly we started looking to land. It was dark when we stumbled into a beautiful medow perfect for farmming. When put our stake in the ground and started on a house the next day.
  • Perfect life

    After owning our farm for two years it was finally perfect. We had plentey of crop like corn, wheat, apples,and berries. We started to sell out food for more money and more land. John and I had three kids, two boys and one girl. I still missed my sister and often wondered if she was still alive, but I was still happy.
  • The End

    I had a long happy life but it was over. I was ill with the chicken pocks. My famliy would have to learn to live with me. My farm would have to live with out me. I had only a week left to live is what the doctors had told me. John had taken me to every doctor in 30 mile ratius, there was nothing we could do. I was happy with my life and forever would be.