Marco Antonio Sanchez

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  • I was born in Cartagena de Indias

    I was born in Cartagena de Indias
    I was born in 1985 in a hospital called lions club, my mother was only thirty years old and my dad twenty-nine and there started my history
  • my first day of primary school

    my first day of primary school
    Twenty-eight years ago I started my studies in the company of my father, who motivated me all the way not to cry in 1992
  • the passion of soccer

    the passion of soccer
    In 1998 I was in a Cartagena soccer school called guerreros, there I fell in love with soccer.
  • my first girlfriend

    my first girlfriend
    when I was sixteen years old I had my first love a girl called Maria, we were the same age and it was a lot of fun, I was my first kiss
  • My high school graduation

    My high school graduation
    I was sixteen years old when I graduated from high school thank God, I was to finish my studies without problems
  • Colombian Military Forces

    Colombian Military Forces
    I joined the Marine Corps in 2002, when I made the decision to be part of an excellent work group, I knew another life, another world, where everything you wanted you had to earn with effort and where I learned the true discipline
  • work accident

    work accident
    An indelible day for me, I was unconscious for more the one hour, until my coworkers managed to revive me, when I woke up, I saw myself without my leg and my face all full of blood, I had stepped on a mine. We had contacted, I really thought I would not get out of there, they thought I was suffering but it really made me very sleepy, because I was losing a lot of blood. the pain came later.
  • rehabilitation

    After leaving the hospital I was transferred to a rehabilitation unit, where I practically began to learn to walk again.
  • the life new

    the life new
    the hardest moment, I had to adapt to society with change in my life.
  • office work

    office work
    I got a job in a resource management company, they gave me the opportunity to start from the bottom and thank God I did very well
  • admission to university

    admission to university
    I managed to enter university and start a career in business administration, I am finishing up until now, I have had problems, but here I am.
  • my wife

    my wife
    I met a spectacular woman, I definitely came into my life to change it positively, we live together but we have not yet married, first I want to finish my university
  • Bogota Paralympic League

    Bogota Paralympic League
    A friend took me to see what the paralympic sport was like and I saw that it was really very competitive and I decided to enter, I am here but I have an injury and I have not recovered