HUSH Mex/American War

By Danny V
  • Mexicans invite American settlers to go on their lands

  • Mexico demanded Texans free their slaves

  • Santa Anna suspended Mexican Constitution

    Austin was arrested
  • Austin had issued 297 land grants to Texas Old Three-Hundred

  • Mexico Borders were sealed

  • Austin Traveled to Mexio City

    He presented petitions for greater self-government for Texas to president Antonio Lopez de Sabta Anna
  • Texans Attacked

    Mexican forces were swept from the Alamo. Santa Anna as a reply, swept northward killing all Americn troops.
  • Texas declared Independence from Mexico

  • Texas Drafted a Constitution

  • Polk sent a spanish speaking emissionary to negotiate lands with Mexico.

    They however refused to accept him and Troops were sent to make a border on the Rio Grande
  • Texas became a U.S. State

  • Anti-Slave Bill

    Turned war into a slave war
  • New Mexico joined U.S

    Without a single shot, they joined.
  • Gold Rush

  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Ended war and territory disputes.
  • Gold Rush Brings Diversity