• Period: to

    Hunter's Lifespan

    Birth Name: Hunter
    Species: Human
    Race: Mutant
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight
    Birthday: ?/?/1992
    Languages: English
    Alignment: C-N
    Plane: 3rd Earth
    pH: Neutral
    Skin Color: Caucasian
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Deep Blue
  • Period: to

    Property of Dealers

    Biological Father: Harvey Weiss (a.k.a. Index)
    Biological Mother: (Deceased)
  • Hunter's 1st Birthday

  • Hunter's 2nd Birthday

  • Hunter's 3rd Birthday

  • Hunter's 4th Birthday

  • Hunter's 5th Birthday

  • Hunter's 6th Birthday

  • Hunter's 7th Birthday

  • Mind Wipe

    All memories of The Dealers were whiped and he was dumped as a failed experiment.
  • Hunter's 8th Birthday

  • Period: to

    Adopted into the Reiter Family

    First Adopted Family-
    Father: Will Reiter (Deceased)
    Mother: Paula Reiter (Deceased)
    Older Sister: Rachel Reiter (Deceased)
    Older Sister: May Reiter (Deceased)
  • Hunter's 9th Birthday

  • Hunter's 10th Birthday

  • Hunter's 11th Birthday

  • Car Crash

    The whole Reiter family was killed in a car accident.
    Hunter was the only suvivor via his previously dormant mutant ability. Believes that he too died in the crash (or at least should have) and is now some form of undead. He calls his ability 'Ghosting', he starts to lose his Christian faith, and develops his fear of death and phobia of hospitals.
  • Hunter's 12th Birthday

  • Period: to

    Adopted into the Clemins Family

    Second Adopted Family-
    Father: Adam Clemins
    Mother: Leah Clemins
    Older Brother: Ben Clemins (Deceased)
  • Hunter's 13th Birthday

  • Hunter's 14th Birthday

  • Ghosting Accident

    Gets into a physical fight with his adopted brother Ben, which results in Ben's death via ghosting. Hunter flees and has not had any contact with the Clemins since.
  • Hunter's 15th Birthday

  • Darlene's 17th Birthday

  • Hunter's 16th Birthday

  • Period: to

    Fledgling of Strychnine

  • Period: to


  • Met Darlene

  • First Mask

  • Period: to

    In a Relationship with Darlene Alon

  • Met Daniel

  • Hospital Trip

    Shot by Chad, passed out and was taken to the hospital but only ended up staying for a few hours.
  • Wraith Full Split

  • Arrested as Wraith

  • Arrested as Hunter

  • Near-Death xD

  • Darlene's 18th Birthday

  • Met Elizabeth

  • New Mask

  • First Kill

  • Hunter's 17th Birthday

  • Current Play (Kaitlyn&Danielle)

  • Hunter's 18th Birthday

  • Hunter's 19th Birthday