Humanities WW1 Timeline

  • Period: to

    World War 1

    The period of World War 1 and all of the causes that lead up to it.
  • Assasonation of Air to the Austria-Hungary Throne

    While in Sarajevo, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was on a tour in Sarajevo, and was assasonated by the Black Hand. Austria-Hungary tried to abuse Serbia for the planned assasonation, they declaired war between each other.
  • Declairing War: Austra-Hungary

    Austra-Hungary declares war on Serbia about the assocination and mobilise it's troops to fight.
  • Continuation of the Start of the WW1

  • Declaring War: Germany

    Despite the perell of Austra-Hungary and Serbia, Germany declared war on both Russia and France, leading to the creation of a plan that would see Germany defeat France in 10 weeks and than move to the east to defeat Russia.
  • Germany Stuck at their own port

    The UK effectivly called the port, linking the port of Germany to the sea. To be blocked off so that Germany could not distribute it's millitary goods to the affected countries under it's power.
    Many countries that were under Germanies controll, were being taken back by counterparts, because of this holdup.
  • Germany Rasing the stakes.

    After about one year of war, neather side was going at this stage to give in, however Germany tured on Great Britian and declared it a war zone, meaning that the Germans had controll over the waters surrounding the UK.
  • Germany entices Mexico to join them

    At this time, Germany sent a coded message to Mexico to try and entice them to join their power. Whille they were doing that, the british intercepted the message and sucessfully decoded the information.
  • The US comes into the party

    After this devolpment, the US had had enough and declared war on Germany, after the british decoded and deciphered the coded message and had passed it the US.
  • Russia's Victory

    After 2 years of war, the Bolsheviks sucessfully overthrow the Russia Government and Russia sucessfully sign a new agreement between the Russian Government and the Central Powers.
  • The End of the War

    At a time, all of the countries that troops in the battlefield surrended, one army at a time and slowley defeated it's rivals.
  • Germany put a stop to all the madness

    Germany signes a agreement in France that would stop the fighting between all of the countries that Germany was fighting for.
  • WW1 Comes to an end!

    After so much fighting, All of the governments decided to sign a Treaty called the 'Treaty of Versailles' which would officially state that the WW1 has concluded and piece on earth would settle and make all of the governments think twice about fighting.