How WW1 Started

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  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.

    The Archduke Fraz Ferdinand was killed by Gavrilo Princip who was Seriban in Bosnia. This contributed to the outbreak of war as Serbia rejected a list of demands that Austro-Hungary sent them. This caused conflict between the two countries and other countries became involved to protect their allies.
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  • Germany vows to become Austria-Hungary's ally.

    This contributed to war as this was the begining of many alliances. This alliance was provoked by the Austria-Hungarians as they approached Germany. Germany agreed and promised to protect the Austro-HUngarians. This promise was called the 'Black Cheque.'
  • Austria-Hungary sends Serbia an Ultimatum

    Austria-Hungary sent Serbia a list of demands that they had to fulfill as their heir to the throne was murderd by a Serbian. This contributed to the outbreak of the war as Serbia completed all of the demands but 1. This made Austria-Hungary furious and they soon declared war on Serbia.
  • Ausrtia-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

    Austrto-Hungary declared war as a result of Serbia only completing 9 out of 10 of the ultimatum demands . This contributed to World War 1 starting as it was the first sign of war which sparked alliences to prove if they were strong or weak.
  • Russia becomes allies with Serbia.

    This contributed to the outbreak of the war as another ally was brought in to help fight the war. This lead to more troops and of course, more deaths.
  • Germany declares war on Russia.

    As an ally of Austro-Hungary, Germany declared war on an ally of Serbia (Russia). This contributed to the outbreak of war as the war was going to be fought in many countries as allies declared war on other countries who were a threat to them winning the war.
  • Germany invades Belgium.

    This helped contribute to the war as the invation of Belgium forced other countries into the war as they were Belgium's allies.
  • Germany declares war on France.

    This contributed to the outbreak of war as another country was brought into the war. The reason for this was because Frace was a threat to the German soldiers and an ally of Serbia.
  • Britain declares war on Germany.

    The reason for this was because Belgium was an ally of Britain and when they were invaded, it forced Britain into helping their allies fight the war and have their back. As a result of being an ally, Australia, New Zeland and Canada were forced to enter the war as an ally of Britain.
  • Serbia declares war on Germany.

    The reason for this was because Germany was an ally Austria-Hungary and Serbia was at war with them. As a result of this, Serbia declared war with the ally of Austria-Hungary.
  • Britain and France declare war on Austria-Hungary.

    Britain and Franced declared war on Austria-Hungary because Britain and France were both allies of Serbia and they were declaring war on Serbia's enemy.