How to make a yummy Nutellla toast!!!!!!!!! By Kirthika

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  • Step three

    Step three
    After, your bread has toasted get the bread out of the toaster.
  • Step two

    Step two
    Secondly, get the toaster ready to toast you bread and toast away.
  • Step one

    Step one
    Firstly, get out your tools and ingredients.
  • Ingredients

    The ingredients that you need to make your nutella toast are, nutella and of course bread.
  • Tools

    The tools to make your nutella toast are, a spoon or knife, and of course a toaster, I mean how can you make nutella toast without a toaster.
  • Step four

    Step four
    Next, get your nutella jar open and make sure you have your spoon or knife.
  • Step five

    Step five
    Now, put your toast on a plate, and sperd the nutella.
  • Step six

    Step six
    Finally, toast is severd.