How Texas became a State

  • Jan 1, 1519

    Texas was discovered

    European conquistadors (explorers) first arrived in the region now known as Texas in 1519, finding the region populated by various Native American tribes.
    (date estimated)
  • The first European base was established

    The first European base was established when René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle established a French colony. The colony was killed off after three years, but its presence motivated Spanish authorities to begin activity. Several missions were established in East Texas; they were abandoned in 1691.
  • A French colony is established

    In 1685, Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, established a short-lived French colony at Matagorda Bay.
  • First governor of Texas appointed

    On January 23, 1691, Spain appointed the first governor of Texas, General Domingo Terán de los Ríos.On his visit to Mission San Francisco in August, he discovered that the priests had established a second mission nearby, but were having little luck converting the natives to Christianity. The Indians regularly stole the mission cattle and horses and showed little respect to the priests.
  • Spanish authorities attempted to colonize in Texas

    Concerned with the French presence in neighboring Louisiana, Spanish authorities again attempted to colonize Texas.
  • San Antonio is founded

    The San Antonio de Valero mission, (the Alamo) founded in San Antonio
  • First U.S. citizens emigrate to Texas

    The Robert Harvey family settled a small ranch near present-day Huntsville, becoming the first known U.S. citizens to emigrate to Texas.
    The orange dot on the map indicates Huntsville.
  • Mexico won its independence from Spain

    When Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, Mexican Texas was part of the new nation. To encourage settlement, Mexican authorities allowed organized immigration from the United States, and by 1834, over 30,000 Anglos lived in Texas, compared to only 7,800 Mexicans.
  • Texas became an independant nation

    The Texian forces fought and won the Texas Revolution in 1835–36. Texas now became an independent nation, The Republic of Texas. This is how it got the nickname as the "Lonestar State."
  • Declaration of Independence adopted

    The Texas Declaration of Independence adopted; a 13-day siege of the Alamo by Mexican troops led by Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna ended with all the remaining defenders killed; about 350 Texas prisoners.
  • Texas became the 28th state

    1845, Texas joined the United States, becoming the 28th state.
  • Beginning of Mexican War

    After Texas became a state in 1845, border disputes led to the Mexican War of 1846–1848.
  • Texas seceded from the U.S.

    Texas declared its secession from the United States in 1861 to join the Confederate States of America.
  • Texas"Oil-Boom"

    In 1901 a petroleum discovery at Spindletop Hill, near Beaumont, created the most productive oil well the world had ever seen. The wave of oil speculation and discovery that followed came to be known as the "Oil Boom", permanently transforming and enriching the economy of Texas.
  • Texas became the 2nd largest population

    The economy of Texas has continued to grow rapidly, becoming the second largest state in population in 1994, and became economically highly diversified, with a growing base in high technology.