houston/morante texas revolution timeline

  • Battle of Gonzlaes Begins

    Alacanda andrew ponton refused to give up the cannon. Texans burried cannon and prepared for soldiers return.Mexico was still planning to return.
  • The Consultation Begins

    Settlers urged the delegats to declare independance. Nov.6 1835, the constution voted aginst an immediet decelaration.
  • The Texans Attack San Antonio .

    Many men were farmers . Since no fight was happening and the Texans were almost ready to give up fighting .
  • Siege At The Alamo .

    John Williams Smith Slipped Through Santa Annas Lines , So Travis Appeals And Suddenly Had Greater Importants . They Needed More Volonteers To Help Them Fight .
  • Constitution Convention Begins .

    They Wrote The Constitution In Two Weeks . It Was ritten In Washington-On-The-Bronze . They Declared Independence The Next Day .
  • Texas Declaration Of Independence .

    Delegates Included Two Tejanos , Jose Antonio Narvado And Jose Francisco Ruiz . George Childress Wrote The Declaration Of Independence .
  • The Alamo Falls

    Texans waited for thirteen days . Mexicans Cannanballs bombarded The Alamo . By March 5th 1800 Troops Had Surrounded The Alamo .
  • Period: to

    The Run Away Scrape .

    Familys Living In Gonzales Were Paniking . Santa Anna Intended To Kill All Anglo Americans So They Fled Some Fled To Louisana .
  • Period: to

    The Battle Of Coleto

    Fannin Couldn't Go To San Antonio . Fannin Also Commanded 300 Men Who Out Numbered Urreas Troops . On March 20 Fannin Surrendered
  • Goliad Masacar

    Fannin signed an unconditional surrender.Urrea told him that his troops would be excuted.But they were excuted.
  • Battle Of San Jancito .

    On April 20th A Devolped . Houstons Army Arrived At San Jacinto . Houstons 300 Troops Outnubered Santa Annas Army.