Timeline created by hope Howerton
  • great grandma passed away

    My great grandma impacted my life a lot, I visited her everyday after school and she supported me a lot with my piano, she was the one who encouraged me to take lessons when I was five and I have played ever since. When she passed away it really shaped me and made me want to focus a lot on piano and hopefully go to a music school one day in her honor.
  • won regionals

    This was a huge moment because if you get top 4 you make "Loretta Lynns" its the biggest amateur national race and its held at Loretta Lynns house. its a 1 week event and there are racers from places like Canada, Australia, Japan, and all over the country. to make it is a big deal as it is but when I won it, it gave me a lot of confidence for the races ahead.
  • FCA motocross camp

    This christian based motocross camp was when I actually started having more of a relationship with God. It effected my life and who I am today a lot because God is the reason why I have got through what I have.
  • got injured

    I had a crash last November which resulted in my ACL pulling part of my tibia bone off. I ended up needing surgery. The doctors told me there was no way possible I would be able to make Loretta Lynns in August (which you have to qualify for in May and June). I worked super hard in physical therapy and ended up getting released in May and made the national and raced it in August. This really taught me to never give up.
  • moved to arkansas

    Moving to Arkansas was a really big change from living right next to Dallas. when my parent made the decision to move to Arkansas I wasn't really excited. My parents also made the decision for me to go back to public school (I homeschooled foe a year and half) which I was not the biggest fan of. This move has really taught me how to deal with adversity.