Hollywood Birthday Party

Timeline created by Dazzling Touch
  • Invitation Completion

    Invitation will be fully created with mailing labels .
  • Invitations go out

    Invitations to be mailed out to guest.
  • Check In phone call

    I will be giving you a phone call just to check up and if you have any questions or concerns
  • RSVP

    RSVP's are due this day . I will have my number and email down on the invitation for point of contact and I will update you via email every friday with the replys I receive.
  • Proof of Step & Repeat

  • Last and final day to recieve RSVP

    You will receive the finalize list on this day.
  • Last Minute Request

    This week everything will be finalize and minor last minute request can be given and will try to be meet.
  • Final things that I need

    Within this weekend I would need anything that you have in your possesion that I might need for the party. I will not be able to except anything the day of because of the tight schedule we will be on setting up for the party.
  • Week of the party

    It's the week of the fabulous party !!!! You will be receiving your last phone call to ensure everything is ok before the big day.