Hitlers Restrictions

  • Period: to

    Hitlers Restrictions 1933 - 1939

  • you aint got no lawyer.

    Jewish lawyers were forbiden to work as lawyers in Berlin
  • no writing in the burn book

    Jewish writers were not allowed to carry out any form of literary work in Germany
  • Banned from teaching

    Jewish teachers were banned from teaching in state schools.
  • the Departing

    Aryan and non-Aryan children were forbidden to play with eachother.
  • No work for the Jewish

    Jewish writers were not allowed to carry out any form of literary work in Germany
  • No jewish musicians

    Jewish musicians were not allowed to work in the state orchestras.
  • you cant sit with us.

    Jews were only allowed to sit on benches marked "For Jews"
  • Give me your lunch money.

    Jews had to hand over electrical and optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters and records.

    jewish vets were banned from working as such.
  • cant run with us,

    Anti- jewish posters were temporarily remover during the Olympic Games which took place in Berlin.
  • No GRC for you.

    Jews were forbidden to become memebers of tyhe German Red Cross.
  • i cry erytim :'(

    Non-Jews were forbidden to leave anything in their wills to jews.
  • no swim 4 u.

    Jews were not allowed to use open-air and indoor swimming pools.
  • watch out for the mobs ;o

    Jews had to collect up the ruins of their synagogues, which had been attacked by the mobs, and were forbidden to rebuild them.
  • time to pack your bags.

    Jews could be evicted from their homes without a reason given and without notice being served.
  • Staying in with the Bae

    Jews were not allowed to leave their homes after 8p.m. in the winter or 9p.m. in the summer.
  • gimmie yo' radio's

    jews had to hand over their radio sets to the Nazis