Hitler: The Rise of Evil Part 1 Timeline

  • Linz, Austria 1899-1907

    As a child, he was severely abused by his father since he thought that Adolf was God's curse for marrying his own niece. After his father died, he applied for the Vienna Arts Academy but is brutally unaccepted. Shortly after that, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and died shortly. Hitler moves to Vienna on a permanent basis but was not able to find a job and became homeless. It was then that he was convinced it was the Jews that caused all of his problems.
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    Hitler: The Rise of Evil Part 1

  • Vienna, Austria 1913

    Hitler living in an orphanage, lives on the inheritance from his late father. He meets his step-sister, Angela one last time before setting off to where the real Germans are.
  • Munich, Germany May 1914

    Hitler departs Austria and goes to Germany.
  • Munich, Germany 1 August 1914

    The assassination of Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand leads to the 1st World War. England, France and Russia joined forces with Austria, Germany's ally.
  • Belgium, 29 October 1914

    Hitler has joined the army and sets off to fight for his country. He was the only soldier out of 600 to survive an attack on the Germans which results in him being promoted to the rank of corporal. He was needed to deliver a message to Lieutenant Guttman where he then was saved from an attack on his company after following his dog, Foxl that ran away.
  • Belgium, July 1918

    Hitler receivers an Iron Cross after delivering a vital message to another post. He then starts to have doubts on the strategy of the Army. He was paralyzed by Mustard Gas and was thus sent to a hospital for recovery
  • Pasewalk Military Hospital, 10 November 1918

    As he recovers from his injuries at the hospital, he hears news that Germany is negotiating surrender and goes near mad not being able to accept the fact that his country lost.
  • Munich, Germany April 1919

    Germany is in the midst of political revolution. The Free Corps Militia has successfully took back the city from the Communists.
  • Army Barracks Munich, Germany September 1919

    Hitler, still employed by the army is to spy on a new political party, the German Worker's Party led by Anton Drexler. He then starts to show his intent on eliminating Jews from the world.
  • Munich, Germany 16 October 1919

    Adolf Hitler then joins the German Worker's Party and becomes the person to give speeches and propaganda.
  • Munich, Germany March-August 1920

    His speeches repeats the theme that true Germans are pure humans while Jews should be exterminated. His popularity rises as his speeches connects to more and more people. The German Worker's Party is then named the Party of the National Socialists.
  • Munich, Germany November-December 1920

    Hitler's speeches catches the attention of Ernst Hansftaengl who then supports him by refining his image and creating a symbol of the party, in the shape of the Swastika.
  • Munich, Germany January 1921

    Adolf Hitler becomes the Fuhrer of the Nationalist Socialist Party.
  • Munich, Germany 26 September 1923

    Bavarian Prime Minister Gustav Von Kahr has banned Hitler from making speeches as it is believed that his party is causing trouble around the countryside. Hitler then was introduced by Hansftaengl to Fritz Gerlich to convince him that Kahr could take Hitler as an ally. Unfortunately, Gerlich then concludes that Hitler is a mentally unstable psychopath with a dangerous goal and tells Kahr that he must be stopped. Kahr then tricks Hitler to stop his speeches so that a putsch could be done.
  • Circus Krone, Munich, Germany November 1923

    Hitler delivers a speech at Circus Krone trying to convince the people so that they would side with the Nationalist Socialist Party. He then realizes then he has been outfoxed by Kahr and plans to lead a march to Berlin by himself after gaining the support of esteemed military general, Erich von Ludendorrff.
  • Munich, Germany 8-9 November 1923

    Hitler plans his attack on the other parties. He confronts Kahr at gunpoint and forces him to support his own revolution after seeing that Ludendorrff has also supported Hitler. Unfortunately as they attempt to take over the military barracks, Kahr manages to alert the Bavarian Army and the attempted putsch was quickly ended. Frustrated by his failure, Hitler contemplates suicide until Hansftaengl's wife, Helene stops him. Shortly afterwards, he was arrested.
  • Munich, Germany 24 February 1924

    After three months in prison, Hitler goes on trial after some convincing from Helene who Hitler has affection for. During the trial, he pleads guilty as he inserts some parts of his speeches within his answers of the questions asked by the prosecutor, these glimpses of brilliance that impressed both the crowd and the judge.
  • Munich, Germany March 1924

    Adolf Hitler continues his trial with brilliant speeches. Gerlich creates an article on his newspaper that shows how Hitler would bring the country to its knees if he was allowed to walk free out of the courtroom.
  • Munich, Germany 1 April 1924

    The trial of the failed putsch attempt comes to an end. General Ludendorrff is found not guilty, Adolf Hitler is found guilty of high treason and was given a tolerated punishment which included 5 years of imprisonment where he would be eligible and a fine 200 gold marks.