Adelef hitler

Hitler's Restrictions

  • Jewish judges suspended from office

  • Jewish civil servants dismissed from public office

  • Jews excluded from sports and gymnastics

  • Period: to

    Hitler's Restrictions

  • Jewuish writers banned from literary work

  • Only allowed on benchs marked with 'jews'

  • Jewish vets banned to work

  • Even if jews converted to christianity they were still classed as members of the jewish race

  • Jews forbidden to become members of the Red Cross

  • Jews declared their finances, assets siezd by german government

  • Non Jews forbidden to leave their will to Jews

  • Jew males forced to add 'israel' and femals 'sara' to their first name

  • Jewish passsports stamped with the letter 'J'

  • Jews banned from buying newspapers and magazines

  • Jewish woman no longer allowed to work as midwivews

  • Jews had to hand over their radio sets