Hitler's Restriction 1933-1939

  • Jewish lawyers were forbidden to work

    Jewish lawyers were forbidden to work as lawyers in Berlin
  • Period: to

    Hitler's Restriction

  • Jewish teachers on allowed to teach

    Jewish teachers were banned from teaching in state schools
  • Jewish musicians banned from working in orchestras

    Jewish musicians were not allowed to work in state orchestras
  • Benches marked "For Jews"

    jews were only allowed to sit on benches marked "For Jews"
  • Jews were not allowed to have intimate relationships with Germans

    Marrage ceremonies and extramarital sex between germans and jews were punishalbe by imprisonment
  • Jews give up posessions

    Jews had to hand over electircal and optical equipment, bicycle, typewriters and records.
  • Jewish vets banned

    Jewish vets were banned from working as such
  • Jews forbidden to become red cross members

    jews were frobidden to become members of the German Red Cross
  • Jewish doctors banned

    Jewish doctors were no longer allowed to work as doctors
  • Forced name change

    Male jews were forced to ass the name 'Israel' and female jews the name 'Sara" to their names
  • Ban on jewish students in state schools

    jewish children were no longer allowed to attend state schools
  • Jews lose driving license

    jews had to hand in their driving licences and vehicle permits to the police
  • Loss of jewellery

    jews had to hand in jewllery, gold, silver, platinum and pearls to the police
  • Jewish labour work

    Jews had to collect upnthe ruins of their synagogues, which had been attacked by the mobs and were forbidden to rebuild them
  • Jewish curfew

    Jews were not allowed to leave their homes after 8:00pm in the winter or 9:00pm in the summer.