History TECH

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  • First computer mouse

    First computer mouse
    Th first computer mouse used for the computer
  • First digital camera

    First digital camera
    First digital camera used for taking pictures.
  • First laptop

    First laptop
    Something to use for typing
  • First mobile phone (portable)

    First mobile phone (portable)
    This phone can call anyone and its portable
  • WiFi

    It is something that is used for sharing communicating and searching.
  • PSP

    PSP is a portable gaming machine thatplays alot of games using a small disc
  • Xbox kinect

    Xbox kinect
    There is a sensor that can see what yuor doing and it will do the same in the game.
  • 3ds xl

    3ds xl
    This is a gaming machine that can play many games. It has a camera and its more bigger.