World 500

History of the Web

  • Soviets launch the Sputnik

    Soviets launch the Sputnik
    On this day, the Soviets launched the Sputnik, which was the first manmade satellite to enter Space. This worried Americans, as this made them belive there was a chance Soviet Russia could win the Cold War. From this point on, Americans began thinking more about technology and science, as well as what they were going to do if the Soviets attacked the American telephone system, which could disrupt communications throughout the entire nation.
  • J.C.R. Licklider Creates the "Intergalactic Network"

    J.C.R. Licklider Creates the "Intergalactic Network"
    In response to the ongoing concern over the Sputnick, a Scientist from M.I.T named J.C.R Licklider created an "Intergalactic Network" that allowed computers to communicate with one another. This network allowed the government to communicate with each other in an emergency where the Soviet Union disabled the Nation's communications system. At the time, it was only used by a very select group of people.
  • Vint Cerf Connects Networks

    Vint Cerf Connects Networks
    As computer networks became larger and larger, it also became more difficult for these computers to communicate with each other because the network that connected them was becoming more and more crammed. In 1978, a Computer Scientist named Vinct Cerf found a solution to this problem. He created what is now known as Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol(TCP/IP). This network would allow computers to "shake hands" (connect) in a virtual space together from all around the world.
  • Mac OS Released

    Mac OS Released
    The first operating system that was easy enough for consumers to use was released by Apple in 1984. This was huge, as it was the first step towards putting a computer in the hands of the consumer.
  • The Macintosh Computer is Announced

    The Macintosh Computer is Announced
    The Macintosh was the first computer to be a success at reaching a large enough consumer base. The introduction of the Macintosh to the world was massive, as it gave consumers access to the internet for the first time. It's success was primarily due to the introduction of the mouse and the first true Graphical User Interface.
  • Consumers start using Email

    Consumers start using Email
    Before the 90s, only a very select amount of people used email. But as the early 90s approached, Email became available to everyone with a computer. This was a breakthrough in the internet, as it allowed people to communicate with eachother without having to say a single word to each other.
  • Amazon Inc. Founded

    Amazon Inc. Founded
    When Amazon was founded in 1995, the world was taken by storm. Never was someone able to purchase something right from an online marketplace that offered everything they could get at a retail store. Today, millions and millions of people order their products online. It's changed the way people use the internet forever.
  • HTML 3.0 Released

    HTML 3.0 Released
    Perhaps the biggest achievement for the internet in the 90s was the introduction of HTML. Although the first 2 versions were very glitchy and not yet ready for the public community of developers, the release of HTML 3.0 was the first time the world was able to experience HTML. HTML would later evolve to become one of the main components to a well-structured web page.
  • Google Founded

    Google Founded
    Nothing has had more of an impact on consumers around the world then Google. For the first time ever, people could search anything they wanted all over the internet just from one website. Today, it is the second most visited website on the planet.
  • Facebook Founded

    Facebook Founded
    Facebook is the most visted website on the planet. Facebook has totally changed the way people communicate with each other. People could, for the first time, connect with all of their friends and talk without ever meeting face to face. It's a revolutionary company that has changed the world forever.
  • Apple Announces the iPhone

    Apple Announces the iPhone
    Perhaps the biggest modification to the internet came with the announcement of the original iPhone back in 2007. It was so important to the entire world because it changed the way we use the internet. Never before had we been able to access the full web on a device that could fit in our pockets. People could now officially take the internet wherever they went.
  • Steve Jobs Introduces the iPad

    Steve Jobs Introduces the iPad
    Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the public at an Apple Keynote Presentation in January of 2010. The iPad was a game changer to the Internet because it brought full-sized web-browsing to a device that was as long as a small laptop, and as thin as a pencil, allowing people to bring the full web everywhere with them.