History of the Internet_2

  • First Computer (Used by U.S. Gov't)

    First computer that was able to store memory.
  • First Electronic Computer

    Hideo Yamachito in Japan creates first electronically run computer.
  • Creation of ARPA

    President Eisenhower requested funds to create ARPA, which later on with advancements became the internet.
  • ARPA officially begins

    The projcet was started officially instead of just bringing people in to work on it.
  • First link of internet

    The first link in a network was made between University of California, Los Angeles and the stanford research institute.
  • Ray Tomlinson developes email

    Ray Tomlinson creates email, and decides to use @ to seperate user name and computer name. First email said QWERTYUIOP
  • The beginning of TCP/IP

    proposal made to link ARPA like networks into a inter-network. Had no central control and worked around a transmission control protocal.
  • Spam is born

    Originally called the unsolicited email, and was sent out to 600 arpanet users by Gary Thuerk.

    First cooperative network from University of New York to Yale. Used to transfer files and information.
  • First Domain

    XF.com purchases the internet, and 27 years later it's still in operation. Since, over 180millions domains have been created.
  • First Virus

    This year the first virus appeared on the internet. Over 6,000 computers were infected. Not meant to cause damage, wanted to determine the size of the internet.
  • First web page

    The purpose of this was to explain what the world wide web was. Also, the first webcam was created.
  • Commercialization of the internet

    Ebay, Amazon, Java and Java Script all introduced to the public.
  • Google is launched

    The search engine google is created, and also Napster was launched starting file-sharing of video files over the internet.
  • Increased use of internet

    Africa and the Middle East are starting to get internet technology. The growth percentage is over 2000%.
  • Increased Bandwidth

    With this, we were allowed to download pictures and video files, and load other documents to the web and web 2.0 at speeds way beyond that of the 20th century.
  • Search Engines

    Google and Yahoo! are some of the best advancements in the internet. The data available and the frequent updating make them some of the most used sites on the web.
  • Smart Phones

    It is said that smart phone users will soon surpass actual internet users. About one third of smart phone users say they dont have internet at home.