History of the internet timeline Wesley Carlson

  • storeing memory

    first computer to be able to store memory.
  • first electronic computer

    The first electronic computer was made in Japan
  • arpa created

    It became the internet
  • arpa starts up

    project actualy started being done not just hireing people.
  • first link

    when arpenet was first in use
  • first email

    he decided on the @ symbole to space out the username from the computers name.
  • ebooks

    world wide effort to put books and papers in the public domain
  • tcp/ip

    a proposel to link the arpa like networks into a inter network
  • spam

    sent by Gary Thuerk.
  • MUD

    earliest form of multieplayer games.
  • Bitnet

    First cooperative network.
  • Arpnet

    this is the launguege of most computers.
  • First Domain

    since then 180 million domains have been added.
  • Morris Worm

    First viruse on the internet
  • internet comunications

    internet email is updated.
  • first webpage/ webcam

    first web page explained what the world wide web was.
    first webcam was first used at Cambridg Universtiy.
  • Mosaic

    First graphical web browser created for the public.
  • Netscape Navigator

    Mosiacs first main compettitor.
  • Comercializing of the internet

    Made it safer to conduct money transactions.
  • first email service

    Hotmail.com started
  • Google/ File sharing

    Google was launched as a search engine.
    Napster was launched, and you could share audio files over the internet.
  • Increased bandwith

    Made downloading and streaming alot faster
  • search engines

    Google and yahoo get updated every day to make our life easier.
  • smart phones

    People who acsees internet o their phone rather than a computer will soon out ecseed people who acsees the internet on a computer.
  • increased use of internet

    the middle east and Africa are starting to use the internet