History of the Internet Timeline Matt McCartan

  • Storing Memory

    The first computer (UNIVAC 1101) that was able to store memory.
  • First Electronic Computer

    Created in Japan, evolved into the computers we own today.
  • Creation of ARPA

    President Eisenhower decides to create ARPA. Congress approved and it would later become the internet.
  • Arpa Begins

    The project was approved many years ago but now it is actually being a work in progress.
  • Link

    UCLA and Stanford were the first link made between two computers. ARPANET was just being started.
  • Email

    Ray Tomlinson came up with Email and the @ symbol. His first email was "QWERTYUIOP."
  • Birth of eBooks

    Effort to make books and documents available electronically and for free. It was called project Gutenberg.
  • TCP/IP Beginning

    Was formed to link Arpa networks together. It would work around a transmission protocol.
  • Spam

    It was an unsolicited email message sent to 600 Arpanet users.
  • MUD

    The first form of multiplayer gaming. Consisted of role-playing, interaction, fiction, and online chatting.

    It was the first cooperation of networks from University of NY to Yale. Used to transfer files, e-mails, and distribute information.

    Team of computers science members creates TCP/IP which is the language of most internet computers. This is the first time the internet is seen because of the collection of networks.
  • First Domain

    The first domain is purchased from Symbolics company, and is named XF.com. It is stil in operation and 180 million have been created since.
  • Internet Communication

    In 1985 internet e-mail as well as newsgroups were beginning to be used at universities. IRC (Internet relay chat) was also starting to be used. It was a faster and simple form of communication over the internet.
  • Morris Worm

    The morris worm was the first internet virus. It was intended to harm computers, it was used to determine the size of the internet, however, it made computers so slow to where they would eventually just crash. 6,000 computers were infected.
  • Web Page

    First web page was created to explain what the world wide web was.
  • Mosaic

    Mosaic, a graphical web browser, was now available to the public for general use.
  • Netscape

    Another web browser, it was Mosaic's first big competitior.
  • Commercialization

    Many web sites now offered online purchases. The use of finances was beginning to emerge on the internet. Many sites like EBay and Amazon started around 1995.
  • Email Service

    The first email service was launched. Hotmail, still in use today, was an email provider for anybody to use.
  • Google

    Google introduced search engines into the internet. Also, file-sharing was launched with the well known Napster site.
  • Bandwidth

    The amount of bandwidth transformed the internet by allowing better downloading ability.
  • Search Engines

    Although search engines were already created, they are now easier and faster to use with a wide range of options.
  • Smart Phones

    Phone technology has opened a new door to internet capability. Many smart phone users do not even own a computer.
  • Internet Use

    The number of internet users has erupted. Technology has increased to allow more users and access to the internet is easier.