History of the Internet timeline Brooke Collins

  • The first computer with memory storage

    It was called UNIVAC 1101.
  • First electronic computer was made.

    It was created in Japan by Hideo Yamachito
  • The creation of ARPA

    President eisenhower requested funds for it and it got approved.
  • The ARPA project Begins

    Larry Roberts was the chief scientist.
  • The first link of the internet

    It was made between the Univesity of California-Los Angeles and the Standford Research Institute.
  • The First email

    It was developed by Ray Tomlinson, and the first email he sent said: "qwertyuiop"
  • The birth of ebooks

    Michael Hart developed them.
  • The start of TCP/IP

    It was published to link Arpa-like networks together into a so-called “inter-network”.
  • Spam is here

    It was called the unsolicited email message and was sent out to 600 Arpanet users by Gary Thuerk.
  • the introduction to MUD

    MUD was the earliest form of multiplayer games

    It was the first cooperative network from University of New York to Yale.

    The first time the collection of networks is seen as the internet.
  • the first Domain

    Since this 180 million domains have been registered.
  • Morris worm

    this was the first virus on the internet.
  • The first web page was created

    Its purpose was to explain what the world wide web was about
  • Mosaic

    The 1st graphical web browser created for the general public.
  • Netscape Navigator

    This was Mosaic’s first big competitor
  • Commercialization of the Internet

    EBay and Amazon.com got their starts in 1995
  • The first email service was introduced

    Hotmail was launched
  • Google and file Sharing were introduced

    Google was launched as a search engine and Napster as a file sharing website both in the same year.
  • Bandwidth increased

    This made it faster to download things such as pictures and videos faster and easier.
  • Search Engines

    Ever since google, more and more search engines have evolved still to this day.
  • the creation of smart Poones

    smart phones make it more easy to access the web on the go instead of a computer.
  • Increased amount of Internet users.

    Since 2000 even Africa and the Middle Easts internet growth percentage is over 2000%.
  • 1985-1988 internet communication

    In 1985 Internet e-mail and news groups were used at many universities. and in 1988 internet relay chat started to be used.