History of the Internet timeline Austin Bock

  • The Government got the first computer.

  • First Electronic computer was created

  • ARPA was created

  • The ARPA project begins

  • The first email was sent

    Ray Tomlinson created email
  • The first ebook was created

  • TCP/IP begins

  • The first spam was created

    It was send out to 600 people
  • MUD(multiplayer games) are created

    The games were role playing,interactive, fiction and online chat.
  • BItNet was created

  • Arpanet is used

  • First domain created

  • Morris Worm(first virus)

    The Morris was actually not suppose to cause harm to computers.
  • Faster internet communications

  • First ever web page was created

    The first webcam was also created at Cambridge University.
  • Mosaic First web browser created

  • Netscape Navigator (Mosaics competitor)

  • Java, Ebay, and Amazon were created

  • Hotmail is launched (first email service)

  • Napster and Google were launched

    Napster was a file sharing website, and google is a search engine.
  • Bandwidth is increased

    People can now download things faster
  • Search Engines are very important

  • Smart phones are getting more advanced

    Some people say more people will use the internet on their phones than a acutal computer.
  • More and more people are using the internet