History of the Internet

Timeline created by Paula04cb
  • First satellite

    The Soviet Union sent the first satellite call Sputnik to the space.
  • U.S.A. feels threatened.

    After the first satellite was sent to the space, U.S.A. felt threatened.
  • The military forces creates a project call ARPA.

    The military forces creates a project call ARPA, to cope the possibles nuclear attack.
  • Creation of a project call ARPA

    This project was to avoid communication network failures.
    This investigation it was based on conected various computers between them, because if one computer failed, the other computers can continue working.
  • First connection

    In this year, a group of people can connected two computers with a telephone line.
    This first connection of data was between nets of various universities of and labs of U.S.A.

    The project call ARPA passed to call ARPANET, where developed new nets and links. This gaves place to the creation of the TCP/IP protocol, that converts on a communications standard, that we use actualy.
  • First connection of the project ARPANET.

  • Creation of the first RFC.

  • Start the development of the NCP protocol of.

  • End of the NCP protocol.

  • Development of the first protocol of application level: FTP, TELNET and Mail Box Protocol.

  • Invention of the email

    In this year they invented the email, and they can send the first email.
  • The ARPANET net has 14 nodes.

  • 30 North American institutions connected to ARPANET.

  • ARPANET is declared operational

    In this year ARPANET is declared operational. In this moment, there are 61 nodes connected.
  • First version of Ehernet.

    It is published the first version of Ethernet, that later it´s converted on the standard tecnology for wired local networks.
  • IBM make up the Personal Computer (PC).

  • It develops the SMTP protocol for the email transmitions.

  • Protocol DNS

    In this year it developed the DNS protocol to be able to provide the IP direction of an equipment connected on the net from his domain name.
  • New domains

    It was introduced new domain: .net, .com, .edu, .dov and .mil.
  • It borns Cisco

    Cisco is a global business dedicated on bougth, mantain and fabrication of telecomunications equipment.
  • Star operate the NSFNET net.

  • There are 2000 nodes connected on ARPANET

  • There are 20000 nodes connected on ARPANET

  • Invention of the firsts applications that use Internet to comunicate

    Creation of the first Chat call mIRC.
    Creation of the first virus call Gusano Morris.
    Invention of the first searcher call Archie Finder.
  • There are 160000 nodes connected on ARPANET.

  • ARPANET dessapear.

    ARPANET protocol was modificated, because it wasn´t created to the connection of too much computers between them.
  • 100 countries connected, 600000 host connected and 5000 nets connected.

  • New name for ARPANET.

    ARPANET pass to call Worldl Wide Web (www).
  • First browser.

    In this year was created the first browser call Mosaic, that later was call Netscape.
  • It was born Yahoo.

  • Creation of the HTML language, the first pages webs and the first blogs. It borns the Windows95 operating system and the Internet Explorer browser.

  • It appear the first IPS: Sprint and MCI.

  • There are 10 millions of computers connected on Internet.

  • Creation of the Hotmail

  • It borns Google.

  • It appears the WiFi tecnology.

  • It borns Wikipedia

  • It borns Facebook.

  • It started to operate the GMail service.

  • It was created Youtube and Google Maps.

  • It was created Twitter.

  • Google obtain 1000000000000 URLs.

  • 234 millions of websites and 1730 of users.

  • 555 millions of websites and 2100 millions of users.

  • There are 634 millions of websites and 2400 users.

  • There are 8,7 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • Pay via transference.

    The Spanish online shoppers can pay directly via bancary transference with Trustly.
  • There are 11,2 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • TripAdvisor the travel sities most used.

  • There are 14,2 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • The Internet arrive to the cars.

  • Appear the cloud for business.

  • There are 18,2 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • There are 22,9 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • There are 28,4 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • There are 34,8 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • There are 42,1 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • There are 50,1 thousands of millions devices connected.

  • Velocity connection of 5G