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History of the Internet

  • Invention of Unix

    Invention of Unix
    Unix was the operating system whose design heavily influenced that of Linux of FreeBSD.
  • Invention of Email

    Invention of Email
    Was invented by Ray Tomlinson, who also made decision to use the "@" symbol to separate the user name from the computer name.
  • Beginning of TCP/IP

    Beginning of TCP/IP
    A proposal was published to link Arpa-like networks together into a so-called "inter-network", which would have no central control and would work around a tranmissoin control protocol.
  • Spam is Born!

    Spam is Born!
    Spam is created, unsolicitated commercail email message.
  • First Emoticon

    First Emoticon
    The fist emotion was created for the internet, by Kevin MacKenzie.
  • Google become Life

    Google become Life
    Google came to the web and revolutionized the way in which people find info.
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is created and used to collect information.
  • MySpace!

    Myspace becomes the most popular place on the internet for social networking.
  • Facebooks open to College Students

    Facebooks open to College Students
    Facebook opens for college students.
  • Twitter- Let's Tweet

    Twitter- Let's Tweet
    Twitter is launced! Post all your thoughts and creep on celebs.