history of the internet

  • First Link

    First Link
    Two computers, one at Stanford, one at UCLA, are directly linked via 1200bps phone line.
  • Email created

    Email created
    Email was first developed by Ray Tomlinson in 1971.
  • Usenet created

    Usenet created
    Usenet the internet's first public message board, is created by two graduate students.
  • Domains Established

    Domains Established
    The domain name system is established, and the .com era begins. .Gov and .Edu are also invented.
  • First Internet Service Provider

    First Internet Service Provider
    The first ISP is established as World.std.com, providing internet to the public.
  • WWW created

    WWW created
    The world-wide web system is created by CERN.
  • Mosaic released.

    Mosaic released.
    Mosaic, the world's first free, public graphical browser, was released in 1993.
  • Amazon and Ebay founded

    Amazon and Ebay founded
    Common industries such as banks, radio stations, and advertisers begin to use the internet for business. One of these startup businesses was Amazon, a popular online store. Another was Ebay, an oline auction house.
  • Google created

    Google created
    Google, now the most popular search engine on the internet is introduced.