History of the Internet

By ConnieA
  • Stanford and UCLA connect

    Computers at Stanford and UCLA connect for the first time ever, through a network called Arpanet. They were the hosts on what would one day become the Internet.
  • Arpanet expands

    An Arpanet network was established between Harvard, MIT, and BBN.
  • Email

    Email was first developped by Ray Tomlinson. He made the decision to use the "@" symbol to separate the username from the computer name (which became the domain name).
  • Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg was launched. It is a global effort to make books and documents in the public domain available electronically, for free, in a variety of eBook and electronic formats.
    It began when Michael Hart got access to a large block of computing time and realized that the future of computers wasn't in computing itself, but it storing, retrieving, and searching information. That information, at the time, was only contained in libraries.
  • Trans-Atlantic connection

    Arpanet made its first trans-Atlantic connection with the University College of London.
  • Spam

    The first unsolicited commercial email usage (later known as spam) was sent ot to 600 Arpanet users by a man named Gary Thuerk.
  • Usenet

    Usenet was created by two graduate students. It was an Internet-based discussion system that allowed people from all over the world to talk about the same topics by posting public messages.
  • :-)

    Scott Fahlman propose dusing the ":-)" after a joke, rather that the original "-)" that was proposed by Kevin MacKenzie.
  • DNS

    The Domain Name System was created along the first Domain Name Servers (DNS) The domain name system was important because it made addresses on the Internet more human-friendly (easier to remember), compared to the numerical IP addresses. The DNS servers allowed users to type in an easy-to-remember name and then it converted it into the IP address automatically.
  • Internet grows

    There were nearly 30,000 hosts on the internet.
  • First major attack

    One of the first Internet worms was released. It was referred to as "The Morris Worm" because it was written by Robert Tappan Morris and caused major interruptions accros the Internet.
  • Proposal of World Wide Web

    A proposal for the World Wide Web was written by Tom Berners-Lee.
  • ISP

    The first commercial Internet Service Provider, named The World, was created. The same year, Arpanet ceased to exist
  • IMDb

    This is an online database of information related to films, television programs, and video games. This includes actors, production crew personnel, and fictional characters featured in any given movie.
  • Hotmail

    Hotmail is a free web-based email service provided by Microsoft.
  • Google

    The most visited website ever, Google, was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brim.
  • Wikipedia

    WIkipedia is a free, online encyclopedia run by the Wikimedia Foundation. It has over 25 million articles on varying subjects.
  • Facebook

    Facebook, an extremely popular social networking site, was launched by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • YouTube

    YouTube is is a video sharing site in whcih you can upload, view, and share videos.
  • Twitter

    The social networking site Twitter was launched by Jack Dorsey. In this site, you can quickly send out a small message of 140 characters or less, or pictures or links.