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History Of The Internet

By Luceehh
  • ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)

    ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)
    The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network was the base for building the internet we know today. The work on this project was funded by the United states department of defense, The packet switching was a new idea in the time it was created, the idea for the ARPANET was based on the technolgy in the telephone.
  • Email systems

    Email systems
    The first emailing system was created. The use of the @ symbol linked the name and domain of the email address. By sending the email message it was sent over the internet 3 times to different systems before it was delivered to the recipients mailbox.
  • Newsgroups and Bulletin boards

    Newsgroups and Bulletin boards
    The first BBS was created and after lots of tests and trials the system was put online for the publuic to access and use. It took a year for them to fix the problems and issues so it was ready to be used.
  • TCP/IP protocol, National Science Foundation (NSF)

    TCP/IP protocol, National Science Foundation (NSF)
    TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) was created so that networks could interact with each other and were compatible to work together.
  • 10,000 hosts

    10,000 hosts
    The internet had reached 10,000 hosts.
  • First commercial dialup

    First commercial dialup
    The internet was only for educational purposes until this poitnwhen it was allowed to be exteneded to comercial development too. This was good for alot of businesses but there was controversy about thether it would benefit people using it or detract the main goal of the internet.
  • The use of domain names was introduced

    The use of domain names was introduced
    Domain names such as '.com' '.net' and '' were thought of so users could tell what type of site it was and where it was created.
  • World Wide Web, CERN

    World Wide Web, CERN
    A system that operates over the internet and not the meaning the internet itself. This system accompanied the first web browser, web server and web pages which explained how to use the service itself. This made it easier to access and edit information on the net.
  • First widely used browser (Mosaic)

    First widely used browser (Mosaic)
    Mosaic was the first browser created to use the internet sevices. This was simple and cluttered, without a desginer to make it easier to use but it did what it needed to do for the user.
  • Yahoo is created

    Yahoo is created
    'The guide to the world wide web' page is renamed 'Yahoo' and gains 100,000 hits and a year later displays advertisments from companies.
  • Word ‘Internet’ in daily use

    Word ‘Internet’ in daily use
    People were talking about the 'Internet' in everyday life, an achievement that meant it was a sucess and popular.
  • Search engines

    Search engines
    'Google' the most used search engine was created by two university students. This was created in 1996 but not released to the public until 1998 as it was in it's beta testing period. A complilation of most sites on the web with tags to specific words so that key phrases and words would be picked out so the search was relevant to the site tags.
  • Macromedia flash 1.0

    Macromedia flash 1.0
    Macromedia flash 1.0 is introduced to the interent and allows interactive content to be added to existing web pages.
  • 10 million users

    10 million users
    They hit the target of 10 million users on the Internet system.
  • Dotcom bubble burst

    Dotcom bubble burst
    Dotcomgoes bust after investing in many organisations that could not find the correct market and did not have sufficient business plans in case of issues.
  • Facebook is created

    Facebook is created
    The first social networking site to be launched. After just 3 years it had 30 million active users.
  • Webcasting, Blogs, Censorship, VOIP

    Webcasting, Blogs, Censorship, VOIP
    Blogs and IM become a big part of daily life. With most people on the internet and using these services to chat and make new relationships.