History of the Internet

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  • USSR

  • Period: to

    History of the Internet

  • John Licklider publishes first paper packet

  • Packet-switching networks were doveloped

  • First "wide area network"

  • Plans for ARPANET were published

  • Beginning of the internet

    Beginning of the internet
  • IMP

  • Interface Message Processor

  • 23 Host Coputers (15 Nodes)

  • ARPANET went 'Public'

    E-mail started up
  • ARPANET traffic is e-mail

    First interationl connection is made i London
  • First International Connection to London

  • Many networks launch

  • TCP/ IP Began

  • Queen Elizabeth orders pizza online for the first time in history

  • TCP/ IP Split into TCP and IP

  • First Emoticons Being Used

  • The internet is born using the TCP/IP standard

  • DNS

    1000 nodes
    Introduction to DNS
  • 100,000 hosts

  • WWW concept by Tim Berners-Lee (made html)

  • 300,000 hosts

  • First search engine (Archie)

  • WWW Revolution truly begins

  • Htomail starts web based email

  • World Wide Web Consortium (WWWC) was Found

  • JAVA source code was released

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is launched, Netscape and Microsoft fight over WWW browser war, newer softwares are coming out.
  • Mirabilis (Israel) starts ICQ

  • Google is made

  • 110 Million Hosts and 30 Million Websites

  • Facebook Open to Public

  • Steve Jobs Dies