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History of the Congo

  • The Congo Gains Independence

    The Congo Gains Independence
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo gains its independence from Belgium and Joseph Kasavubu becomes the first president (Addario).
  • Joseph Mobutu 1st Gains Power

    Joseph Mobutu 1st Gains Power
    As Kasavubu wrestles over power, Joseph Mobutu overthrows the government (Addario). Kasavubu would eventually be restored as president (Robertson).
  • Joseph Mobutu Regains Power

    Joseph Mobutu Regains Power
    Mobutu regains power in a second military coup and replaces Kasavubu as head of state (Addario).
  • Establishment of Zaire

    Establishment of Zaire
    Joseph Mobutu changes the name of the country to Zaire, showing how powerful he is (Robertson).
  • Foreign Investors Banished

    Foreign Investors Banished
    Mobutu banishes all foreign investors from the country (Addario).
  • Increased Economical Downfall

    Increased Economical Downfall
    Zaire fails to pay back loans to Belgium, resulting in the cancellation of development programs and deterioration of the economy (Addario).
  • New Constitution Proposed

    New Constitution Proposed
    Mobutu ends the ban on multiparty politics and allows more than 200 political parties to be established (Robertson).
  • Rival Parties are Established

    Rival Parties are Established
    Rival pro and anti Mobutu parties are established (Addario).
  • Tutsit Rebels Invade

    Tutsit Rebels Invade
    The Tutsi Rebels capture most of eastern Zaire while Mobutu is away receiving medical treatment (Addario).
  • Kinshasa Captured

    Kinshasa Captured
    The Tutsi Rebels capture Kinshasa (the capital of Zaire) and rename the country the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Robertson). Laurent-Desire Kabila is installed as president.
  • 2nd Congo War Begins

    2nd Congo War Begins
    The Congolese Liberation Movement supported by Uganda begin to fight with the Rally for Congolese Democracy rebels backed by Ruwanda (Robertson). This is known as the 2nd Congo War (Robertson).
  • Peace Treaty Signed

    Peace Treaty Signed
    The six African countries involved in the 1st war sign a peace treaty at Lusaka (Addario).
  • Kabila Assassinated

    Kabila Assassinated
    Kabila is shot dead and his son, Joseph Kabila, becomes the next president (Robertson).
  • End of the 2nd Congo War

    End of the 2nd Congo War
    The 2nd Congo War comes to an end in December of 2002
  • First Democratic Elections

    First Democratic Elections
    Joseph Kabila wins the 1st ever elections, causing a lot of debate about whether the elections were fair among the people (Robertson).