History of the Church in Australia

  • First Mass in Australia

    La Perouse enters Botany Bay and his chaplain, Abbe Mones, celebrates the first Mass within Australian territory
  • The Irish Have Come

    First Irish convicts transported to Botany Bay
  • The First Official Public Mass

    Fr. Dixon lead the first official australian mass.
  • Australia's First Priests.

    Father john therry and father Phillip Connolly arrived in Sydney as first Australia's first-ever priests.
  • St Mary's Cathedral started construction.

    There first stone of St Mary’s Cathedral was laid.
  • Father Therry is Gone

    Father Therry was removed from his role as the colonies' official chapelin.
  • In Comes Father Daniel

    Father Daniel power comes to Sydney to replace Therry
  • St Mary’s Cathedral completed.

    The last brick of the Cathedral was laid
  • The Church Grows

    The archdiocese now has 33 parishes, 30 churches, and 35 priests.
  • State Aid Religion Gone

    The NSW abolished state aid to religion
  • The Sister of St Joseph

    Mary MacKillop and Father Julian Tenison woods founded the sisters of st joseph
  • Mary MacKillop Ousted.

    Mary MacKillop was excommunicated by the bishop of Adelaide because she was suspected to incite disobedience and defiance.
  • Mary is Back

    Mary Mackillop was recommunicated into the church and continued to work with the sisters
  • The Archbishop Dies

    Archbishop died at age 85
  • The Church Expands

    Sydney archdiocese now has 189 churches, 170,000 Catholics and more than 25,00 kids are enrolled in religious schools.
  • Influential Catholics!

    World War 1! Catholics become influential in the Australia labor party.
  • First Catholic Prime Minister

    We had our first Australian catholic prime minister.
  • More Catholic Schools!

    There was a huge demand for catholic schools because there wasn’t enough.
  • Mass Standard Language Changed.

    Vatican 2. Mass used to be said in Latin, this was changed to the local language.
  • The Pope Comes

    Pope John Paul visited Australia for the first time in history.