History of the Catholic Church in Australia

By Ashus
  • First Fleet arrives in Australia

    First Australians arrive
  • Period: to

    History of the Catholic Church in Australia

  • First Catholics arrive

  • First Catholic Church is built

  • Archbishop Vaughan arrives

  • Australia's first Bishop

  • First Government representative

    Robert Wilson is appointed Bishop of Hobart
  • First Bishop of Perth John Brady

    John Brady
  • First Bishop of Melbourne

    James Alipius Goold
  • Diocese and Provinces split the Church

  • First Bishop of Brisbane

    James Quinn
  • Sisters of St Joseph founded by

    Mary Mackilop and Father Julian Tenison Woods
  • St Vincent de Paul is established

  • Patrick Moran is appointed Cardinal

  • Norman Gilroy appointed Archbishop of Sydney

  • Norman Gilroy is appointed Cardinal

  • James Robert Knox appointed Archbishop of Melbourne

  • Archbishops Freeman and Knox created cardinals by Pope Paul VI

  • Melkite Diocese is established

  • George Pell appointed Archbishop of Melbourne

  • George Pell is appointed Archbishop of Sydney

  • Denis Hart appointed Archbishop of Melbourne

  • Archbishop Pell is appointed Cardinal

  • World Youth Day in Sydney

    Pope visits Australia