History of technology

  • computer

    The first computer was vreated
  • Period: to

    History Of Technology

  • HD TV

    HD TV
    So you can enjoy tv shows and watch the news and motion pictures in High definition
  • Blu Ray DVD

    So you watch better quality movies.
  • PS3

    PS3 was created so you can play video games in HD + Blu-Ray so you can enjoy the games
  • Wii

    So you can play video games without having to tap so many buttons
  • PSP

    The PSP was created so you could play video games anywhere at anytime
  • Xbox

    The first Xbox was invented so you could play better games in a better way
  • Macbook

    It was made so you could do work finish it fast and you could find it faster and easier.
  • IPhone

    It was made so people have a easier way to access work wherever you are and whenever you want. You can even download Apps such as games and working apps.

    Just like an IPhone but you cant call.