History Of Radio Timeline

  • First Radio Broadcast

    The First Radio Broadcast was transmitted by Marconi in 1885
  • Period: to

    The History Of Radio

  • Audian Tube

    This device created by De Forest amplified signals for waves to travel farther
  • Radio Saves Titanic Pasengers

    Some Titanic Passengers Survived the crash because of radiol
  • First radio station

    The First radio station was KDKA and is still broadcasting today, it broadcasted music and stories when it opened
  • Radio Advertising

    People found out that radio broadcasting was a big success and wanted to get their ads out there
  • FRC

    You now need to have a license to broadcast radio
  • TV Hits the nation

    TV becomes a big hit and more of the stories are moving to TV so radio stations are playing mostly music
  • Elvis

    Elvis becomes a big hit on the radio and people want to listen to his music
  • AM and FM recievers in cars

    Now you can listen to AM and FM in your car instead of having to be home all the time
  • XM

    Sattilite radio comes out and is a good alternitive to FM radio
  • Ipods

    Radio took a big hit when ipods came out because people could listen to music whenever they wanted