history of radio

  • marconi

    first radio signal sent and recieved by italian inventor marconi
  • audion tube

    audion tube
    lee de forest made the audion tube publicly known despite the fact that someone else really invented it
  • kdka

    first radio station was created by Frank Conrad
  • dawn of advertising

    dawn of advertising
    a radio station first made a 1o minute ad for an apartment complex charging $50
  • FRC

    first brought organization to the process where only certain people could have certain frequencies
  • Period: to

    golden era

    the time when radio was extremely populr because had nothing to do but to listen to radio.
  • FM

    FM was introduced and then radio started sounding better
  • demise

    tv brought radio to a close because now people could watch shows and have visual content
  • Period: to


    music plays on the radio and filled the void on the radio
  • talk vs music

    it became known that AM would be for talk and FM would be for music
  • sony

    sony jumps in the game with music unlimited to compete with pandora and youtube
  • google

    google launches music subscription service to hear any song ad free