History of Radio

  • First Radio Signal

    First Radio Signal
    On this date, an italian inventor named Marconi presented his invention of the radio and sent and recieved his first signal. Marconi may or may not have been the actual inventor of the radio, but he was the one who went in the textbooks.
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    An inventor named Lee Dee Forest invented the audion tube, basically the first amplifier. Once again, Forest may or may not have actually invented this himself, but he got the credit.
  • First Song

    First Song
    The first song ever playedon the radio was on Christmas Eve, from a guy named Brant Rock who played O' Holy Night on the violin.
  • The K's and W's

    The K's and W's
    Around 1912 the radio needed a way to distinguish radios. So any radio station EAST of the Mississippi River had to have the first letter of a K in the radio name, and in the WEST of the Mississippi River, the radio has a first letter of a W.
  • First Radio Station in DFW

    First Radio Station in DFW
    The first radio station in the DFW area was KFJZ.
  • First Radio Stations

    First Radio Stations
    In 1920 the first radio station was created, first named 8XK, now named KDKA. Frank Conrad, also known as the father of radio, was the broadcaster of this station. KDKA is still around today.
  • First Sports Radio Broadcast

    First Sports Radio Broadcast
    The first sports broadcast over radio was on the Pittsburge station, KDKA. The event broadcasted was a 10-round, no decision boxing match between Johnny Dundee and Johnny Ray at Pittsburgh’s Motor Square Garden.
  • First Radio Commerical

    First Radio Commerical
    Radio stations needed a way to make money, so in New York a radio station named WEAF aired the first radio commerical. The commerical were for the Hawthore Court Apartment complexes in Jackson Heights.
  • The FRC

    The FRC
    Eventually, there got to be too many "Uncle Charlie" radio stations so, the FRC was invented. The main goals of the FRC was to organize the lisencing of transmitters and assign radio station frequencies, call letters and power limits.
  • First Elvis Song

    First Elvis Song
    The first Elvis song, "That's Alright Mama" was played on WHBQ radio in Mephis for the first time.
  • Please, Please, Me.

    Please, Please, Me.
    On this date, a radio station called WLS played the first beatles song on the radio. The song was Please, Please, Me. This was the first American radio to play the beatles.