History Of Radio

  • Nikola Tesla

    Also played a big part in radio tryed arguing with the other inventor and said he invented it first
  • Invention Of Wireless Telegraph

    A young italian Gugliemo Marconi invented the "wirless telegraph"
  • Nikola Tesla granted U.S patent

    Nikola was granted a patent for his "system of transmitting electrical energy" and also for "an electrical transmitter".
  • Guglielmo Marconi picks up the first radio signal

    While Guglielmo was waiting at a radio transmiter he picked up the first radio signal which sent the morse code
  • First Radio Program

    The first radio program of voice and music broadcasted in the U.S
  • Radio Plays A Huge Role

    People would use radio's to listen to news, sports, drama etc.
  • Everyone Had A Radio

    By the 1930's every household had a radio, they would sit there and listen to shows that would come on
  • FM is born

    FM is born but only in mono
  • Sony offers a radio

    Sony offered a transistor radio which offered FM/AM
  • Stereophonic Sound

    Radio stations begin broadcasting in Stereophonic sound
  • Digital Tansmission

    Digital Transmissions began to be a part of broadcasting