History of Psychology

  • Period: Jan 20, 1473 to Jan 20, 1543

    Copernicus - renessance Europe heliocentric model

    explained away epicycles of Ptolemy
    very cautious about publication
    used aristotelian arguments
  • Period: Jan 20, 1546 to

    Brahe measured w great eyesight, empericism, comits go around sun

  • Period: Jan 20, 1564 to

    Galileo, telescope, copernicus folower, tortured

  • Period: Jan 20, 1571 to

    Kepler poor eyesight, models mars' orbit

    His rules : ellipsoid orbits, the area rule, orbit time relates to distance from sun.
  • Period: to

    Descartes maths, x + y. calculus of planets

  • Period: to

    NEWTON polymath Principia Mathmatica

  • Period: to

    Linneaus - develops taxonomy

  • Period: to

    Buffon French, Histroire Naturelle earth age 70,000

  • Period: to

    Lemmarck organisms change to survive

    animals want to change charactaristics, so they evolve
  • Period: to

    Malthus, British vicar populTION + WORLD RELATIONSHIP

  • Period: to

    Cuvier fossils = dead animals/plants

  • Period: to

    Strata, geological formations observer + fossils

    maps out where canals can be built
  • Period: to

    Lyell, worked out immensity of gegrhical time

    humanity less than 1% of earth's existance
  • Period: to

    DARWIN natural selection

    Gentleman naturalist, read lyell, Malthus, Lemarck, develops taxonomy + Origin of Species.
  • Period: to


    Methods often based on phenomena, the observing of experience as it occurs.
    Stumf a great organiser but often forgotten in psy.
  • Freud born1856 to Amalia + Jacob

    Born Sigismund Scholomo Freud, 7 younger brothers + sisters
  • Period: to

    Binet intelligence tests

  • Period: to

    Freud worked for Bruche

    Bruche - prof physiology Vienna hospital
  • Period: to

    WATSON institutional psy, all behaviour learned

    Behaviour an adaptive reflex. Trends in proliferation + diversification explain why psy is such large and complex domain.
  • Period: to

    Watson - psy as experimental science, focus on behavius

    !("), Watson asked to leave John Hopkins Uni for haing an affair
  • Period: to

    GESTALT Weirtheimer Phi

  • Freud graduated phd medicine in Vienna

    took 8 years to do so
  • Period: to

    Galton father behavioural genetics

    Darwin's cousin. Saw potential of MZ/DZ twins.
  • Freud worked w Bruer on hysteria/hypnosis

  • Freud worked Salpetreire hospital Paris w Jean Martin

  • Period: to

    Kurt Koffka Principles on Gestalt psy

    wrote text on child psychology
  • Period: to

    Wolfgang Kohler - chimps

    Non Jewish German psychologist, protested about dismissals of Jewish scholars from German unis.
  • William James publishes The Principles of Psy

    the mind is an adaption to increase human survival
  • William James APA president

  • Studies in hysteria Freud book

  • Period: to

    Gordon Allport, Harvard student + lecturer

    taught lexical approach, also compiled a list of 3000 words which he judged descriptive human traits + organised into 3 levels.
    Cordinal trait - dominates behaviour
    Central trait - general influencing charactaristc
    Secondary trait - individual specific charactaristics
  • Freud's book The interpretation of dreams

  • psychopathology of everyday life -Freuds book

    Psychopathology of everyday life
  • Freud prof Vienna uni

    Taught a general intro to psychoanalysis
  • Period: to

    Skinner punishment + reward

    operant conditioning, negative + positive punishment + reward
  • thorndikes Law of effect + puzzle box

    learning in cats and chicks, operant conditioning.
    Law of exercise - learning improves with practise
  • Spearman completes doctorate

  • Freud to USA, Clark Uni 5 lectures

    IPA founded in 1910, Freud much more widely known.
  • The Committee fored: Freud, Sachs, Rank, Ferenczi, Abrahams, Jones, Ettingon

  • Thorndike APA president

  • Alder + Jung left IPA to start own group

    Jung developed anaytical psychology + stressed importance of religion. One of Freud's best known followers.
    Jung proposed colective unconscious is inherited in pre existant archetypes.
  • Kohler goes tenerriffe to study chimps

  • Watson APA president

  • Lewin got pHD under Stumpf

  • Terman produces Stanford_ Binet scale

  • Period: to

    Kuhn, paradigm crisis + new paradigm

  • Lewis Terman APA president

  • Lewin moed to USA to work State uni of Lowas Child + welfare Research Station

    In 1945 he becomes director of Research Gate for Group Dynamics
  • Kohler goes to USA Harvard + Clark uni

  • Cattell left England for Columbia uni

  • Freud suicide by dr - morphine

  • Allport president of APA

    he met freud, but died of lung cancer
  • Eysenck recieves doctorate

    born in ww1 Berlin raised by grandmother.
    Strongly apposed to rise of Hitler moved to France then Exeter.
    Berlin credits meant wasnt allowed to do english, so did psychology at London uni.
  • Allport invites Cattell to join Harvard uni

    they did personality work there.
  • Kohler president of APA

  • Cattell gold medal award for lifetime achievement

    He died peacefully in 1998 in Hawaii