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    The dark web, my new saxophone and my uncle coming over

    I found out about the dark web and i got scared about it. I woke up at 6am scared to go to the bathroom. I just got a new tenor saxophone, my dad brought one home from work one day. My uncle came over from Toronto and he stayed for 10 days. The music of Four Seasons Spring echoes my mind about the Dark Web.
  • End of grade 5

    I became a very self confident person
    I was friends with Kevin and I met Justin and Perry
    My aunt came over from China
    The music from Can't let go echoed in my mind
  • The time of darkness and the beginning of grade 5

    I was friends with a guy named Dayton
    I found out about Pewdiepie
  • Beginning of grade 6

    I was in Mrs langstons class and the ages were dark
    I went back to China
  • I was an extremely outgoing kid in my class

    I hung out with girls in my class which was very cringy
  • Summer 2016, a summer of gaming

    I played a lot of Geometry dash and i improved a lot
    I played a lot of COD and HALO
    The symbol that represents this era is my Blue Under Armour Jacket
    And my neon yellow shorts
    Also Costco Hot Dogs at this time were a popular thing
    i started playing minecraft and i became more included when Justin and Perry came over
    I rage quitted in kevin and justin's world because I died to a zombie
  • Start of grade 7

    This was a pretty dark era in history
    I started playing survival minecraft with kevin
    Our first world was bad, Kevin raged quitted because I got blown up by a creeper when we went exploring for a jungle far far away
  • Halloween 2016, grade 7

    I went to Justin's house to trick or treat
    We played hide and seek in the dark with Justin
  • January 2017 my brother was born

    The day before my brother was born I forgot my ipad password
    I was worried because I possibly lost my photos
    This time I frequently messaged Ernie and I played a ton of COD
    This was also a time when I played on the basketball team and I thought of myself as an awesome person
  • Towards the end of grade 7

    I graduated elementry school
    I won the gauss contest
    I became very close friends when Joesh
  • Christmas 2017/New years 2018

    I went skiing with Kevin twice, first time with Justin and second time with Natalia. The sight of a winter cabin in the snow was very common for me at the time. This was the peak of Kevanada for me and Kevin. We had Kevanada 3 at that time. We lived in a Savannah biome and we had pretty good houses. Except we didn't find a dungeon in the overworld and we had to go to the nether to make a blaze XP farm. Kevin died too many times in the process and he rage quitted.
  • Friends with Kiefer

    At this time I was friends with Kiefer, and so was David. We played ROS together which was quickly replaced with PUBG. We worked on out inquiry project of our video.
  • Badminton team/Friends with Gavin

    At this time I was friends with Gavin (Well sort of). I joined the badminton team and I was not very good at the time of course Xd. I was in love with classical music at the time.
  • Discovery of classical music

    I was super in love with classical music at the time. I saw a video on youtube about 100 classical songs you heard of but don't know the name, and immediately I recognized some of the songs that I heard in that video. I quickly made a playlist of the songs i heard. Mozart sonata no 16 echoes in my mind about that period of time.
  • Summer 2018

    I went hiking with David, Kevin and Elton. I also went to the PNE with Kevin and Elton. At the PNE, I thought of RCM level 10. I just wanted to pass RCM 10 at the time. I thought of Bach at the PNE all along. It was fun. Most significantly, my uncle came over from Toronto. I got my saxophone. I discovered the dark web. I played PUBG, which was a extremely memorable game now that I deleted it.
  • End of summer 2018

    At this time I was preparing to go to grade 9. Memories of this era was a youtube channel called O shittake mushrooms... Cringe.
  • Start of grade 9

    Still a tiny bit addicted to pubg and played some games with HUAXIA PLA and Darfei. We had good times together. i met SKY and we played too.
  • Start of grade 8

    Kevin was extremely toxic towards me. I became friends with David although he was not a nice person. I was in Mrs. Stusiak's math honors class although I was not as included in the class in terms of humor. I was wayyy too addicted to Pixel Gun 3D.
  • The best time in history

    This was a time where I stopped pubg almost entirely and I worked on academics a ton. I significantly improved in math challengers and I wanted to go to Waterloo. This lasted from late October to mid November. At this time, I relied a ton on the library. I made a huge list about the novels to read. I started reading Harry Potter at this time. Another event that was significant at this time was Bring Your Kid to Work day.
  • The beginning of the dark ages

    This was a dark period of time in history. For the book of thoughts, which was a book where I wrote down anything and I forgot it instantly. I began to think about things when they are written down. I was constantly bored. The period of time where I was highly productive died. Christmas was pretty bad because I had nothing to do. Mainly because I wasn't friends with Kevin at the time and we didn't played with each other. Well. Just for that time being.
  • The peak of the dark ages

    It was the time of unproductivity. I had to think about how I spent my money all day. I had to constantly think about what I said which gave me headaches all day. It lasted all the way until June. I forgot about Gavin in this period of time. I constantly had to think about how I could find all the books in the library.