History of ITC in my life

  • My first contact with technology

    My first contact with technology
    I don't exactly remember when I watched TV for the fist time,but I remember watching it since I was a little kid.My favourite TV programmes were Disney Channel and Boing.
  • Computer

    At 2009,the Three Wise Kings gave me this computer as a gift,I remember playing a lot with it and having a good time.
    I learnt a lot of things with it.
  • Game console

    Game console
    When I was 5 years old,some friends gifted me with this game console.
    I remember that I loved playing a game in which you had to take care of some puppys and kittens .
  • Tablet

    When I was about 7 years old my parents bought me a tablet,I used it to play games and to listen to music.
  • Wii

    I enjoyed a lot playing with this game console,I spent many days playing it with my brother.
    The best part of this console was that you could play standing up,running,moving...
  • PlayStation 4

    PlayStation 4
    I played a lot of video games with my brother at PlayStation4,it was amazing.
    With this console you can play with your friends without being together.
  • Smartphone

    I had my first smartphone when I was 10 years old,it was a gift for my First Communion,I used it to chat with my family and friends,and to do some calls.
  • Voice assistant

    Voice assistant
    For Christmas,I got this voice assistant called Alexa,it helps you a lot;you can ask it to put some music,to tell you the time or the weather,to remind you something,to put on an alarm...it has a lot of helpful skills
  • Cleaning device

    Cleaning device
    Three years ago,I bought a robot to clean my bedroom,it is so efficient.
    I only have to clean its storage from time to time,and it works perfectly.