history of internet timeline dakota keil

  • storing memory

    The Government had received the first computer, and that was called UNIVAC 1101
  • First electronic computer

    The first computer that was electronic was created in Japan By Hideo Yamachito.
  • Creation of ARPA

    President Eisenhower requests funds to create ARPA, it was approved
  • ARPA begins

    In 1966 Arpa project begins Larry Roberts as Chief Scientist
  • link

    THe first link was made
  • E-emal

    The first E-mail was made by Ray Tomlinson
  • Birth of Ebooks

    The invention of Ebooks allowed for people to get books online on the computer
  • The Beginning TCP/IP

    A proposal was published to link Arpa-like networks together into a so-called “inter-network”.
  • SPAM

    Spam was a virus that a lot of computer users shut down there computer because it was "hacked"
  • MUD

    MUD is the earliest form of multiplayer games

    It was used to transfer files, e-mail, and distribute information from computer to computer

    the language of most internet computers
  • internet communication

    1985 Internet e-mail and news groups are used at many universities.
  • First Domain

    XF.com purchased the internet address from the Symbolics company
  • internet communication

    Internet Relay Chat(IRC), easier and faster communication using the Internet.
  • Morris worm

    The first virus on a computer had showed up
  • first webpage

    purpose was to explain what the world wide web was all about
  • mosaic

    The 1st graphical web browser created for the general public
  • Netscape Navigator

    Mosaic’s first big competitor, Netscape Navigator, was released the following year
  • Javascript

    Java and JavaScript were introduced into the public in 1995
  • First Email service

    Hotmail was the first e-mail provider
  • Google

    THe first web search engine was launched, Google
  • increased band width

    we were now able to download and update pictures, videos faster
  • search engines

    Google and Yahoo become very popular and almost everyone used them
  • Smart phones

    Smart phones become popular and a lot of people start to use them
  • increase of internet use

    over 1.5 billion peopel use the internet daily