history of internet

  • internet beginnings

    Government uses internet foe education, research, and Government organizations
  • Start of Internet

    I used to communicate between computers and go onto another computer and downloads its files
  • First E-mail

    Queen Elizabeth II sends the first e-mail
  • The word Internet

    The word "Internet" is used for the first time
  • Internet Worm

    A virus called the Internet Worm Temporaily shuts down about 10% of the world Internet
  • White House website

    The White House creates its website "www.whitehouse.gov"
  • Internet Increase

    45 million people are now using the Internet
  • U.S. Increase

    About 58.5% of Americans are using the internet
  • youtube launch

    Youtube.com has been created
  • Microsoft fine

    European Commission fines microsoft about $1.3 billion for abusing its dominant market position