History of how the internet

  • DARPA develops ARPANET

    4 "nodes" online by 1968
  • Period: to

    Internet History

  • ARPANET grows to 30 nodes

    (month, day is not shown)
  • TCP is invented

    None of the month dates are correct, the video shows no dates
  • TCP outnumbers ARPANET (number of users)

  • First virus sent on ARPANET

  • AR{PANET adopts TCP/IP

  • First Mac computer

  • 10,000 online hosts

  • ARPANET dies

    It died somewhwre in the 90s
  • Tim Berners-Lee creates WWW@CERN

  • First Commercial sites (Pizza Hut)

  • Yahoo founded

  • Browser wars between Netscape and Microft signal a new era of software development

  • Google founded

  • First Flash video

  • Youtube founded

  • Macbook pro is unveiled

  • Mozilla Firefox released

  • iPhone released

  • First android powered phone

  • First android computer is created