History of Georgia: Joseph Ingle

  • Charter of 1732

    Charter PictureThe Charter of 1732 was the founding document of GA. King George II gave them permission to do it. 3 purposes were economics,defense,and charity. Rum and slavery were banned from GA. Lawyers, african americans, and catholics. The Charter put the trustees in charge. The trustees could not own land, gain money from being a trustee, and could not run for political office.
  • Period: to

    Histroy of Georgia

  • Founding of Savannah

    Savannah historicalThe first city found in GA was Savannah. James Oglethorpe founded GA. Oglethorpe and his men sailed in the ship Anne. Tomichichi gave them permission to arrive at Yamacraw Bluff.They communicated with him through Mary Musgrove, who was a translator.
  • Founding of Ebenezer

    Ebenezer pictureA group of 150 Salzburgers founded the city Ebenezer. They moved because it suffered damage during the Revolutionary war and it became very small.
  • Founding Of Darien

    Darien PictureA band of Highland Scots founded Darien. They were recruited to GA because they were some of the best soldiers in the world and could help Ga fight.
  • Battle of Bloody Marsh

    Bloody Marsh PicturesJames Oglethorpe led the colonists in the Battle of Bloody Marsh. The colonists fought the Spanish in this battle. The colonists won the battle. The Higland scots helped the Colonists win the battle.This battle gave the coloinsts confidence and had the Spanish doubting themselves.
  • French Indian War

    The war was fought between the British against the French and Indians. The English won the battle and were able to take all of the French land. This was a cause of the American Revolution because it forced the American Colonists to pay taxes for the war
  • Proclomation of 1763

    The proclamtion of 1763 set a border at the Appalchian mts. for the colonists. This gave the Indians the rest of the land. King George VIII said that he did not want the colonists to fight because they did not want to pay for another war. They were angry because they thought they deserved the land over the Indians
  • Intolerable Acts

    The British passed these laws because the colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor.There were 4 laws. They closed down the Harbor, they forced colonists to take in British soldiers when they needed shelter, they shut down Town Hall meetings, and they big cases involving redcoats would happen in England.
  • Georgia becomes a Royal Colony

    Henry Ellis PictureThe Malcontents were the group that always complained about the Trustees. They were mad because the Trustees prohibited rum, slavery, and had restrictions on land. The trustees were the rulers before the royal governors. The three governors were John Reynolds, Henry Ellis and James Wright.
  • Declaration of Idependence

    Thomas Jefferson was the main author. It said that the colonists should be free of Britain. The three men to sign it from Ga were Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett, and George Walton.
  • Battle of Kettle Creek

    The Patriots won the battle. Elijah Clarke led the Patriots to the win. Austin Dabney was the only black solider to fight for the Patriots. Austin Dabey received a large piece of land in Madison county.
  • Siege of Savannah

    The English had control of Savannah. The French helped the Patriots in the battle. The English held off the colonists and won.