Old radio

History of Film

  • Mocarni

    An Italian known as Mocarni was credited for creating radio. He sent the first radio signal according tio history. He might not have been the actual first person though.
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    Lee De Forest created the Audion Tube. Many people think it was actually Reginald Fessenden. The Audion Tube amplified radio signals.
  • The Titanic

    The Titanic
    Radio signals were used to save some of the people on the Titanic. Although many people still died, the use of radio kept the survivors alive. This was one of the good uses of radio.
  • KDKA

    The KDKA was created. It was a very successful radio station. It is still around today in Pennsylvania.
  • Personal Radio Stations

    Personal Radio Stations
    Some people wanted to make their own radio stations. If you had money and the right equipment, anybody could do it. People started making their own stations in the 1920's.
  • Advertisement

    In 1922, WEAF started advertisements. Advertisers would pay radio stations $50 to make a commercial for them. The commercials would last 10 minutes.
  • FRC

    Too many people were making their own radio stations. The FRC made rules for having stations. It organized radio production.
  • Call Letters

    Call Letters
    Call letters were made for organization. West of the Mississippi, used K, and East of the Mississippi used W. This is still used.
  • AM Waves

    AM Waves
    They were amplitude modulation. They were also 535KHz - 1605 KHz. It was used for talk shows.
  • FM Waves

    FM Waves
    They were frequency modulation. They were also 88MHz - 108MHz. They were used for music.
  • The Golden Age

    The Golden Age
    1930-1940 was the Golden Age for radio. It was during the Great Depression and the World War. It was a way of release.
  • Radio's Comeback

    Radio's Comeback
    In the 30's, TV was invented. Advertisers saw more money coming from TV commercials, so radio was becoming abandoned. But radio was saved by music.
  • FM Radio

    FM Radio
    Edwin Armstrong created the FM radio. It used FM for higher quality sound. Listeners had to buy these new radios.
  • Radio Today

    Radio Today
    Today, music can't save the radio. People can now listen to music using other ways. Radio may become abanonded completely this time.
  • Music Today

    Music Today
    Music has obviously changed a lot. It is still on radio, but it is very different. Like radio, music has a history of its own.