History of Counseling at Rowan University

  • First Counselor Hired at Rowan University

    During this time consueling was mainly looked at as a devlopmental thing, meaning that it was usually for people away from home for the first time, something that taught students how to adjust to a different stage of life.
  • Period: to

    Rowan Univerity Counseling

  • Julie Mallory Church Hired

    Julie was hired as an LSW, or Licensed Social Worker, and becomes one of only four full-time counselors on Rowan Campus.
  • Center For Addiction Studies (CAS)

    This wa sa grant funded project that recieved funding from the goverment from mid-eighties to 2010. This was only a training program for those looking to enter into the feild of Psychology, they did not actually see patients. This was a way for students to earn a certification for Addiction Counsleing.
  • Counseling and Career Services Divide

    Orginally, counseling and career service were one office. In 85 they divded and became two seperate offices. At this time, there were four full time counselors employed at Rowan University.
  • CAS Moves to Triad

    CAS moved their offices to the Triad Building in hopes of becmoing more invloved on campus.
  • Dissatisfaction with Linden Hall

    By this point... the dissatisfaction of both the students and the employees with Linden Hall as the health center became clear.
  • Allie Pearce becomes an Employee

    Alli Pearce began her work here, and saw that there was a better way to conduct health services at Rowan. An idea forms over the next few years... why not have all these services in the same place?
  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling Mandated for Students

    Until this time not much had changed in the offerings of mental haealth counseling on campus. Finally aroudn this time waht was considered counseling started to change. The funding for CAS ran out... but the university realized they needed something for students living on their own for the first time and experimenting. WIht this mandate the school created a required test taken on self service for Incoming Freshman on alchol and drug use, the information is all anonymus.
  • The Creation of HCI

    Allie Pearce finally figured out how to have all mental health services under one umbrella. This fianlly centralizedmental health services, including many types of counselign and toher mental health services.
  • Official Date of Move in at Wianans Hall.

    This is one of the most recent events in college health at Rowan, and also one of the most important. This united all Health Services in one building. It was a cause that was fought for, for a long time. Originally, the University was worried that having all of health services housed in one building woudl be a Conflict of Confidentiality. But, in the end the University saw Winans as an unused sapce and realized the oppourtunity for a new and improved Health Center.
  • Additional Counselors Hired

    WIth the move to Winans Hall, the Health Center hired an additional 6 full time counselors. Which brings up the total number to ten. We currently still have ten full tiem counselors, in addsition to interns and other HCI events designed to help with mental health on campus.